• Espresso
      • Espresso

        The quickest, most full-bodied and refreshing cup of coffee. The risk of easily ruining an espresso gives it an air of delicacy and exclusivity. You can place your trust in the skill of our baristas.

    • Americano
      • Espresso

        This rich and invigorating drink can be diluted with hot water in any ratio.

      • Water

        It turns out that adding to an espresso between 60 and 120 ml of hot water is the real American discovery. Less strong and concentrated, but still with the same great taste.

    • Cappuccino
      • Milk foam

        The beauty of this drink is in its thick milk froth on top.

      • Milk

        The espresso is then diluted with hot frothed milk.

      • Espresso

        A cappuccino begins with rich and invigorating espresso.

    • Viennese coffee
      • Orange zest

        Refreshing coffee with a sweet and sour citrus flavor.

      • Cinnamon

        Ground cinnamon has a sweet taste and pleasant aroma that pairs perfectly with that of orange peel.

      • Topped with whipped cream

        A layer of thick whipped cream adds a nice layer of contrast..

      • Espresso

        The classic strong coffee drink.

    • Melange
      • Milk

        Heated milk with whipped foam complements the unusual combination of coffee and honey.

      • Milk foam

        A thick milk froth is spread across the top of the drink.

      • Espresso

        This concentrated drink forms the foundation of melange.

      • A spoonful of honey

        A spoonful of sweet, warm honey is immediately added to the mixture of creamy milk and strong espresso.

    • Latte
      • Milk foam

        A latte usually has more of the light milk froth than a cappuccino.

      • Espresso

        The same foundation of any drink, rich espresso is carefully added to the milk, leading to a delicious coffee drink.

      • Milk

        The milk in a latte is as important as the coffee. It is heated and poured into a cup at a ratio of 3: 1. This is what makes a latte so light and creamy.

    • Coffee beans

      Coffee beans

      We believe that every cup of Hausbrandt coffee communicates to our guests the passion for quality and joy that goes into its creation. We will never serve you coffee that does not leave us feeling inspired.

    • Water


      For our coffee, we use only imported bottled water that has been deemed worthy through special laboratory tests.

    • Coffee machines

      Coffee machines

      Elektra coffee machines can be compared with Rolls-Royce in terms of their unequaled quality and original design. Even the very best coffee beans become tastier with the help of these machines, which also lend to our coffee shops a finer and more authentic feel.

    • Expert baristas

      Expert baristas

      The barista is the most important person in our coffee shops besides our guests. Your decision to return for another cup of coffee depends on his ability to prepare a quality beverage and correctly determine and meet your needs.

    • Milk


      Not just the volume of milk froth and its lightness, but also the temperature of the drink and its very taste depends directly on the freshness and quality of our milk. We use only special refrigerated milk with a fat content of 3.5%.

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